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Materials for Environment part. I

   12 Sept. clessidra che gira 09:00 - 10:30
TT.V Technical Multi-Track with Parallel SYMPOSIA
Materials for Environment part. I
Co-organized with University of Milan
Chair: Claudia Letizia Maddalena BIANCHI, University of Milan
The symposium is part of the WS.IV
TT.V.A.1 WS.IV.1.1 Wenbin CAO
USTB, Cina
Construction of TiO2 based composites towards enhanced performance on photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
TT.V.A.2 WS.IV.1.2 Giuseppina CERRATO
University of Turin
An overview about micrometric semiconductor materials to be employed in photocatalytic applications
TT.V.A.3 WS.IV.1.3 Elisa ZANELLA, Carlo PIROLA
Universitty of Milan
Towards a Cleaner Future: Electrochemical Innovations in Hydrogen Separation and Purification from Natural Gas in Distribution Networks and Their Impact on Air Quality
TT.V.A.4 WS.IV.1.4 Vincenzo FABBRIZIO
University of Milan
Vapour harvesting through nutrients modified superabsorbent polymers: exploiting surface enrichment into an opportunity for the sustainable agriculture


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