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Impacts of Energy Transition on the Urban Environment

   12 Sept. clessidra che gira 11:30 - 13:00


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TT.VI Technical Multi-Track with Parallel SYMPOSIA
Impacts of Energy Transition on the Urban Environment
Co-organized with Polytechnic University of Turin
Chair: Maria FERRARA, Polytechnic University of Turin
Despite covering only 2% of the Earth's surface, cities serve as pivotal hubs of human civilization, concentrating population, economic activity, and cultural exchange and contribute significantly to energy consumption and related GHG emissions. Addressing the energy and ecological transition in cities is crucial, aligning with recent EU policies. The building sector, encompassing residential, industrial, and commercial domains, is particularly significant, contributing up to 50% of current GHG emissions in European cities. The symposium aims to provide insights on the current EU targets and ongoing initiatives towards decarbonization of cities. The path towards decarbonization of the built environment enabled by emerging technologies will be explored, from architectural materials for regenerating urban environments and reducing buildings’ energy demand to the energy generation, distribution, and storage components for maximizing the efficiency of energy systems and renewable energy exploitation. Additionally, the challenges of deep building renovation, urban space regeneration, decarbonization and electrification of building energy systems and establishment of renewable energy communities will be explored not only analyzing technical aspects but also considering their political, legal, and social implications. Speakers from diverse academic, municipal, and industry backgrounds will provide contributions, also building on experiences gained by cities that are currently involved in the EU Mission “100 Climate Neutral Cities” by 2030, facilitating informed decision-making and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.
The symposium is part of the WS.II
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