updated on June 2, 2024

Bruno Kessler Foundation

The Bruno Kessler Foundation is the top research foundation in Italy, ranked n. 1 for scientific excellence in three different thematic areas and for economic and social impact according to the results of the latest ANVUR research quality assessment.

With its 3,500 square meters of laboratories and scientific infrastructures and a strong community of more than 400 researchers, 140 PhD students, 200 visiting and thesis students, 700 affiliates and accredited students, the Bruno Kessler Foundation operates as a true scientific and technological district, hosting a lively ecosystem of co-located realities, spin-offs, projects and training opportunities on its premises and platforms.

The result of a history spanning more than half a century, through 11 centres dedicated to technology and innovation and to the human and social sciences, FBK aims for excellence in science and technology with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches and the application dimension, where Radiation sensors, Photonics, MEMS, Cybersecurity, Digital society, and Digital industry, represent the main fields of research.

This is achieved through a constant focus on collaborations and exchange activities between public administration and agencies; small, medium, and multinational companies; European and international institutions, which broaden its capacity for innovation and involve the local community and economy in the circulation of knowledge and technologies.

Wanting to sum up the highlights of the Foundation's work, the Bruno Kessler mission can be summed up in two essential points: Scientific Excellence and Impact on Society. Indeed, FBK strives for excellence both in fundamental research for the advancement of knowledge, and in the more mature fields of science and technology that allow for greater and more immediate economic and social impact.






Via Santa Croce, 77 
38122 Trento (TN), ITALIA
Tel. +39 0461 314200

website: www.fbk.eu

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Dr. Federica SCROFANI

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