updated on June 2, 2024

Merchandising Sapienza

From the site merchandising.uniroma1.it:

"Sapienza as a lifestyle! This is what the Sapienza Merchandising project really is: a line of products designed to convey the image and identity of Sapienza through its brand.

Wearing and using Sapienza merch means living and being part of the largest European university, with over 700 years of history and 115 thousand students. Our products are designed for all those who identify with our university community in their unique way: from students to alums, from administrators to professors, from tourists to citizens, and from companies to the most diverse organisations.

Variety, quality and sustainability are the criteria used to select the products that make up the constantly updated catalogue.

From sporty and elegant clothing to practical and colourful bags, from accessories for studying and working to gadgets and gift items, Sapienza Merchandising is perfect for all occasions, whether recreational or institutional.

It guarantees high-quality materials and fabrics by partnering with the most prestigious companies in various product sectors, and, as an increasingly caring, responsible and committed university, themes such as inclusion and sustainability are at the core of our products. Did you know that Sapienza reinvests all proceeds from the sale of its items in institutional activities and initiatives for students?

Visit our Sapienza Store on our Main Campus or our online shop to find out all about Sapienza merch. We cannot wait to see you here!"



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